Latest News

AIMS for 2011 - our DIVINE WATER film team is very busy in the launch of Flowform International Ltd in Europe. Once this has been seen through we will be back to work on the film to complete the next stage. Thank you all those who have supported us - we are not going away and will most certainly complete this special and unique project.

During 2010 - completed film planning and preparations for active filming and further fundraising. We will be making the film in five topic sections, each one complete in itself, and being released via public media step by step. Then after that we will edit it into the one complete film.

November 2009 - US$5,000 funding granted by Panta Rhea Foundation via Rudolf Steiner Foundation in San Francisco to complete the Stage One preparation of our film. Thank you very much!

Interest from Spiritual Theatre network in USA in our film - from the introductory trailer. They remain interested in reviewing the final film when it is done.

Sunday, May 31, 2009  - Kathleen Abel attended the Mitchell Block and Eva Orner documentary making seminar in Santa Monica, CA. It was a great learning experience, preparing us for new methods of designing and marketing the film to be most effective in its outreach message.

May, 2009 - discussions with Jivanmukta Swami Ganapati, the Siddha Shiva master of Siddha Shiva International, also known in the film world previously as the famous producer and director Armondo Acosta, resulted in us being offered filming and editing space at his Academy of Film and The Arts in Ghent, Belgium, for which we are very grateful.

28th February 2009, Genitrons Viluppo post Divine Water Film article on their website. A special thanks to Araceli de la Parra for her writing. If you wish to view the article the website link is:

27th February 2009, Bennet Family Foundation (USA),
Thanks to the Bennet Family for their kind donation of $500 USD.

24th February 2009, Donations:
Thanks to all those who have responded to our cause by making small donations. All amounts are appreciated regardless of size, they all help and make a difference!

9th Jan 2009 Website Updated with Vimeo: We have our Funding Trailer up in YouTube but also now in Vimeo ( These are really good facilities with the Vimeo trailer having excellent high resolution.

4th Jan 2009. PayPal Donations starting!: Today our first PayPal donation came in! Thanks Sara Firman, USA for being the first of what we hope are going to be many smaller donations all adding up like drops of water into a pool!

2nd Dec 2008 Fundraising Co-ordinator Announced: Steve Webb (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) has been appointed Fundraising Co-ordinator to activate fundraising internationally. We look forward to getting our Divine Water message out and about and bringing in the funding so we can start the next stage of filming. Welcome on board Steve!

13th October 2008 Funding Trailer Started: editing has started on the 8 minute Funding Trailer. Brimming over with gratitude to the Sangham Foundation, we have started bringing together 2007 interviews with folk such as Robert Bly, Alice Waters, Fritjof Capra and eight other water people amidst nature and urban footage to create our introductory short. Exciting times…

29th July 2008 Whoopee! Funding from Sangham Foundation: Thank you Sangham Foundation for sending through US$10,000 to make our Funding Trailer. We hear that conversations that led to this happy funding occurred during a rafting trip down the Colorado river. Perfect venue!

3rd July 2008 Executive Producer named: We have appointed Iain Trousdell as Executive Producer to oversee our film project about water. Thanks Iain for your passion and commitment to water’s being over many years. We plan to bring many others into a water community to make this film and take the message of water’s secrets and urgent needs out around the world…

4th June 2008: Divine Water Film Project Launched: the Healing Water Institute of USA has officially launched its DIVINE WATER film project. This exciting project aims to bring hitherto generally unknown water secrets, questions and answers to global water problems to many, many people worldwide.