FAQ  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How are you funding this documentary?
We want a self-chosen, international community help create this film primarily through donations to our bona fide charitable trust primarily to simply the financing of it adn allow us to make something without over-riding profit motives. The purpose of the film is educational, to awaken many, many people worldwide to the amazing capacities of water, and to activate us all to do something to help our dear planet.

How much do you need?
We are making a 120 minute public theatrical standard documentary with international award winning filmmakers. We project that to film, edit AND market our film will cost no more than NZ$700,000. Recent technical advances enables small studios in professional hands to reduce costs hugely. A film like ours would have cost millions of dollars only a few short years ago. The NZ$ exchange rate also helps reduce costs, as our dollar here goes as far as the American dollar and the Euro in its zones. NZ$700,000 in February 2009 is US$400,000 and E300,000.

How much have you raised so far?

We have raised NZ$17,000 since late 2008 and with this have already created the Funding Trailer from interviews taken in 2007 and have also set up this website.
What can I get from donating money?
What we do offer is membership of the self chosen WaterFriends community that is  supporting the film, including naming as a donor in the website and possibly in the film if the sum is larger. For some folk this gives a sense for helping the world if the making of the film fits their world conceptions and concerns.

Where does my money go when it is donated?
The Producer of the documentary DIVINE WATER is the Healing Water Institute, which is a charitable trust in New Zealand, registered to enable tax rebates for gifts through our government’s Inland Revenue Department. All funds coming through PayPal go into the healing Water Institute’s Bank of New Zealand trust account and will be used specifically for the film.

Tell me more about the Healing Water Institute…
We also have sister Healing Water Institutes in America and in England (which is our centre) and which are being set up charitably. Our main purpose is to help water support life through groundbreaking research, new eco-technology design and multi-media education.

Can I get tax rebates through my donation or gift to the film?
Yes you can, depending on where you live in the world. Presently we can arrange tax rebates for New Zealanders (any amounts), Americans (above US$250) and British donors (above GBP150).

What happens when I donate through PayPal?
All PayPal donations in our Divine Water Film website go through to our NZ charity bank account. If you live outside NZ and want tax rebates you need to first email us (set in url) and we can help run you through the necessary process.

How do I contact you if I want to gift a larger amount and need information on the process?
Please go to our CONTACT page (set in url) and send an email to us. We will very happily get back to you with whatever information you need.

How do I get tax rebates if I live in New Zealand?
All donations of any size by NZ tax residents to a registered charity in NZ will receive a tax rebate receipt from us. Please ensure your postal or email address is included.

How do I get tax rebates if I live in the USA?
We are associated with two 501c3 charities in the USA, and our Healing Water Institute USA is in the process of being registered with the IRS. Simply email us ((set in url) and we will send you the information you need. For administrative reasons we prefer to enable tax rebates only for sums over US$250 at this stage.

How do I get tax rebates if I live in Britain?
We are associated with one charity in Britain, and our Healing Water Institute in England is in the process of being registered. Simply email us ((set in url) and we will send you the information you need. For administrative reasons we prefer to enable tax rebates only for sums over GBP150 at this stage.

How do I get tax rebates if I live elsewhere?
We need to research this as different countries offer donations. Contact us at ((set in url) and we will see how we can manage this amongst our considerable networks.

How can I help you guys make the film?
As well as donating small or larger amounts, letting your friends know about our film-to-be and this website will really help. Also some new friends have told us about philanthropic trusts and individuals who may be able to support us. Also if you know of interesting water phenomena or people active helping water please let us know.

What happens with my email address when I sign up for further updates?
It is simply kept in our database for the sole purpose of letting you know progress regarding the film and closely associated endeavors. It is not used for anything else.

Is anyone earning money from the film?
We are committed to being transparent about the use of funds. The film is owned by a registered charity, Healing Water Institute, which has the charitable aim of helping water in various ways. This is a government registered charity in NZ and will become registered during 2009 in the USA and the UK.  Monies from marketing of the film will come into the not-for-profit Healing Water Institute to further its water aims. The development of the WaterFriends community and website will be part of that expenditure.

Iain Trousdell, the executive producer, has alternative income and does not draw a salary in this capacity in the making of the film. Steve Webb, the fundraising coordinator, does draw a relatively small part time salary for his work of energising the funding process. Of course the professional filmmakers will be paid but will be creating a top level theatrical film for a very reasonable sum. The interviewees also give their time freely.

What is the concept plan for the full length film?
At this stage of writing, (January 2009) the film will proceed through the following steps, mixing interviews with many inspiring and beautiful shots of water in different cultures and conditions:
  1. Water at the Start of Life: what does humanity, what we collectively think water really is?  What are our myths, modern and ancient that humanity shares about water and its part in the creation of our wonderful water planet. We will speak with astrophysicists about water appearing throughout our galaxy, and with professors of ancient Norse and Sumerian cultures and also living traditional wisdom holders in Aboriginal, Pacific, South American and Asian cultures about their valid understandings and experiences.
  2. Water as an Element:  how does humanity experience water in high regions, in clouds, seas, deserts and jungles? What is this water we often take for granted...when we have it.   We plan to speak with world leading mountaineers, whale and stingray 'whisperers' / scientists, a glider pilots and hurricane testers (who fly through hurricanes), big surf riders, potholers and world record holding freedivers to name a few. How does someone who has nearly died of thirst feel when they drink water at last? How does a desert village mother feel when her family gets a fresh water well?
  3. Water's Creative Secrets:  how is water central to all life on the earth? We hear water is life but it is far more than just something to lubricate physiology with. Water is now being understood through quantum theory as having a sort of nervous system. Also water and its stupendous rhythmical responses are central to the continual miracle of creating young in buds, eggs and the womb... and these new insights into subtle energy and frequency information are so important they must be shared widely. In addition water is the base of all metabolism, nutrient supply and operates as the central aspect of the world's weather and food chain. In essence therefore, water has all the characteristics of a human being, though really because water came first, we should say human beings have all the characteristics of water as water has came first by a very long time.
  4. Global Thirst:  We will look at some of the problems water faces worldwide...and these are considerable. Global Thirst looks to be as concerning as Global Warming and indeed finding fresh water is already a daily issue for two billion of the world's population let alone many our animals and plants.
  5. Water Problems on our Planet: The problems of our planet nearly all come back to inadequate thinking styles...let us call it Dead Thinking. We will be looking at the developing water crisis and see how it comes about and see directly what is happening in the reduction of life supporting capacity of water.
  6. Solutions that Enable Life:  We will then look at Living Thinking and the heartening solutions that are being invented to save the planet and its water. There are many and we need to ensure that these are being used very soon in the Life choices we must make.
  7. Water as the New Paradigm:  A view into the future will see we need to look to water as the example par excellence for human culture to learn from. In every way water shows us how we need to live as a new humanity. There are most interesting people we need to talk with to complete the film on a realistic positive yet urgent note.