Help make this vitally important and unique film. To start, view the video below.

Thank you for looking through our short introductory video featuring luminaries such Robert Bly, Dr Fritjof Capra and Alice Waters as well as others such as Pauline Tangiora, William Marks, Dr Karl Maret, Julia Whitty and Brock Dolman.

Our charity, Healing Water Institute, is making a full length, theatrical standard documentary film
on vitally important, little understood fascinating aspects of water, and
at the same time is calling for a new culture
that takes water as the paradigm to learn from.

Will humanity choose Life or Death in these next few years?

We have a few short years to make that decision and
put the solutions into action, each one of us.

The world’s elements…water, air and earth… are losing their capacity to support life.

This has happened through millions of mostly small actions based on inadequate information about nature’s reality.

It is through millions of small actions that we will have to bring life quality back again to our planet.

We welcome you to join us in creating this film by ...

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Every film and story needs a hero. Ours is Water.

This is the story of our extraordinary hero, existing from the beginning of time
in far parts of our galaxy, yet also creating life on our wonderful planet,
how she/he is now misunderstood, captured and abused and,
to complete the film, how friends are waking up from a sleep and coming to help.

What is this movie going to say? Why are we making it?

We are making this film to share experiences and insights into this wondrous and noble element Water so there is a worldwide AWAKENING to what is happening to it and how we can help it.

The film An Inconvenient Truth helped wake up millions around the world to the issues of Global Warming, and ... whatever one thinks about the film... it was very successul in its impact.

Water urgently needs such a powerful compelling film to speak for it. One that tells more than the political and pollution issues, and does more than show a nature documentary.

We need to discover the truth about water's position as the most creative element in nature. There is so much not generally known about water's scientific mysteries. If this was really known people and governments would be much more active helping water.

It appears no one has yet brought together the three elements of our film…humanity’s voice and wisdom…expressing water’s amazing creative secrets which form and maintain all life … and sharing the numerous solutions that already exist worldwide to save our water planet.

So let’s look at these three elements of the film more closely...

Humanity’s Voice

We will ask humanity's representatives to tell us what they think water truly is. It is time Western films went far beyond Western science for answers and insights, though this has its relevance in recent sensitive quantum understandings.

We have started interviewing representatives of all the world's main cultures and religions, people from both sexes and many races, and all ages so ‘we’ can be heard internationally through this film. This will be humanity sharing its myths and sciences of water, and our loves and longings for water.

Traditional wisdom holders, artists, water adventurers, modern scientists and environmentalists from all continents will share their experiences, as, perhaps more importantly, will those who have to walk miles a day to find water or who have recently had a village well dug.

From this amalgam of insights we will create an objective sense for humanity’s relationship to water over past ages and the present...and we trust our transcendental truth about water will shine through the film.

What are the Creative Secrets of Water?

In the final full-length film we will show how water is like a human being...or really how human beings are like water, having come from water after all

Water has the ability to converse and share cosmic and localized information throughout nature  informing its wellness. 

Water also has the ultimate creativity enabling nature's continual birth through water, forming everything that lives through embryology and plant development.

Water also finds and carries nutrients and life to all living things through its incredibly unusual characteristics, which break the normal expectations of physics and chemistry.

We will look into the far depths of our universe and discover that water has been there since the start of time, and still is being spontaneously generated in vast quantities in galactic oases.

Water also floats within our own solar system influencing local planets and our Sun in extraordinary ways, and of course our wonderful Earth is the heart stoppingly beautiful Water Planet. 

Water is everywhere life is, and through it all living things come into being in ways we are only just waking up to. Water has been present since the start of life and of time.

Water is far more than a lubricant for physiologies. Life is far more sensitive and subtle than our mechanical thinking can appreciate…and hence we need to develop a new living thinking, a ‘water thinking’ that can involve itself with life on life’s terms.

Then we will find the global solutions and the will to apply them.

How Can We Save Our Planet?

The main aim of our Divine Water film is to have millions of people fall in love with water, for their hearts to be melted by the little known wonders and capacities of water.

Is not water really who we are? After all we are 70% water each one of us.

Only when we really understand what water is and what we are, will we really actively want to save it, ourselves and the planet by making the necessary changes.

The film will also outline some of the horrifying facts about water’s present condition, which come from our capturing of water and our ignorant use of it while it is cut off from its place in nature.

Humanity is presently capturing 65% of the planet’s fresh water sources and mistreating it as a slave for our unending agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes, never free to refresh itself as it does so efficiently back in nature. Little wonder its capacity to support life is greatly reducing.

We are polluting water chemically, organically and energetically at horrifying rates... to such an extent that within 50 years all the oceans will be so corrosive even seashells will dissolve and no life will exist there.

Even on land the possibility is that water will not be able to support life.

As well as this grave concern there is also the issue of Global Thirst, where water is projected to not be available for up to half of the population by 2050. Already Global Thirst is a reality for more than two billion humans and goodness knows how many other creatures that struggle daily right now for fresh water.

When we will we wake up? What is going to make millions of us wake up?

After all water is a sort of mother to everything that lives. How long are we going to keep on treating her like this?

Sharing Solutions and Answers

Already there exist many exciting and wonderful ways of working with water that simultaneously help the world’s creatures and plants.

In the movie we will be showing quite a few exciting eco-technologies and practices, some positive international action groups and new ways of thinking harmonically, to offer hope and possibility as we face what must become a successful quantum leap in human culture for succeeding generations to carry on as ‘humanity’.

Thank you for reading these thoughts and hopefully
you can find some way of joining in with our endeavour.

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